Hudson Tryon

Hudson obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Furman University in 2015, where he completed a double major in philosophy and chemistry. At Furman, he began delving into natural product total synthesis under the auspices of the Goess lab as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) undergraduate research fellow. Alongside developing the total syntheses of recently discovered furanosteroids, Hudson worked with the Rawlings lab at Furman University to investigate structure activity relationships of naturally occurring hibiscone C analogs. Hudson is currently a PhD candidate in the Chemistry Department of Northwestern University, jointly advised by Neil Kelleher and Regan Thomson.

Hudson’s research at Northwestern is inspired by a passion for bioorganic chemistry. He currently leads ongoing development of the “Metabologenomics” platform, a methodology for investigating prokaryotic secondary metabolism that interfaces untargeted metabolomics with recently developed bioinformatic tools. His research also includes leveraging this platform in Actinobacteria to access and investigate novel and underexplored enzymology in the context of the intricate molecular phenotypes expressed by these biosynthetically fecund microorganisms.


Telephone: (847) 467 1050