Peter Doubleday

Research Interests

Peter graduated from the University of Vermont with honors in 2013. At UVM, Peter conducted research on tyrosine kinase signaling, neurodevelopment and mass spectrometry in the lab of  Dr. Bryan Ballif. With a prestigious US-UK Fulbright grant, Peter then joined the lab of Dr Andrew Tee at the Cardiff University Institute for Medical Genetics and received a master's degree in cancer and genetics in 2014. In the UK, Peter's research focused on the molecular signaling events underpinning rare tumor syndromes and macroautophagy. Now at Northwestern, Peter's research in the Kelleher lab focuses on advancing top down proteomics and its use in cell and systems biology. Using quantitative metabolomics, proteomics and molecular biology techniques, Peter now studies oncogene-induced senescence and the early molecular events which drive cells to halt mitosis and resist oncogenic transformation. Peters current research is funded by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.


Telephone: (847) 467 2680