Renu Goel

Research Interests

Renu Goel, PhD is the Director of the Northwestern Proteomics Core on the Chicago Campus. Renu possesses more than 15 years of academia and industry experience in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics research, as well as exploratory and targeted quantitative profiling. Her expertise spans post-translational modifications, analysis of signaling pathways, and targeted and untargeted profiling of biomarkers of complex human diseases, such as liver diseases and metabolic disorders. Her work in proteomics and metabolomics has led to the discovery of a panel of potential biomarkers—many of which have been tested for translational applications. She has authored more than 35 peer-reviewed research publications with more than 7,000 citations and h-index of 20.


Telephone: 312-503-4427