Histones & Cell Biology

What are Histones?

Histones are one of the specific proteins responsible for cell division and cancer. Histones are the protein elements that DNA attaches to in order to help DNA coil itself and condense into a chromosome during interphase. 

Epiproteomic Histone Modification Panels

The Kelleher labs focus on histone analysis has built on the idea of a "histone code", a unique combination of post-translational modifications associated witht different disease states. This has developed into two Epiproteomic Histone Modification Panels (EHMP), which provide rapid profiling of histone modification states within a sample. 


What is a proteoform?

A proteoform is the specific molecular form of a gene product, including any variation due to genetic mutation, alternative RNA splicing, and post-translational modifications (PTMs). Proteoforms have distinct biological functions, and are often difficult to characterize due to their subtle chemical differences. The Kelleher lab emphasizes innovation in proteomics tools and proteoform discovery.