The Kelleher Group is comprised of three main sub-groups: Top Down Proteomics, Natural Products Biosynthesis/Discovery, and Chromatin Biology and is recognized as a significant force in each of these three areas.

We have been successful in driving both technology development and applications of high performance mass spectrometry at the interface of chemistry and biology. Over the last decade, we have generated ~120 publications, ~50 Ph.D. students/postdoctoral trainees, and ProSight software via the web to over 650 labs worldwide. The core of the Kelleher Team is built around expertise in complex mixture analysis using Fourier-Transform Mass Spectrometry for targeted applications in proteomics and natural products research. More specifically, we pursue the biosynthesis and discovery of polyketides and non-ribosomally produced peptides from soil bacteria and are leading the way to use intact proteins directly (no proteases like trypsin) as the primary unit of measurement in proteomics to efficiently detect their post-translational modifications.